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Special Occasion $50 & UP
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Reutouch $65
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Color & Foil $95 & UP

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Kertain Straightening Therapy $150 & UP
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Deone I was given a series of 10 microcurrent treatments as a gift, and it has especially softened the lines around my lips and eyes. After a few treatments, my husband looked at me and said "you do look younger!". Now, he's offered to pay for a maintenance treatment every month! Thanks, Bonnie, for the "non-surgical" facelift and for providing this service for those of us who want to look younger without surgical procedures or Botox/fillers.
Dawn I would love to talk about my experience with the microcurrent-it is truly amazing! Bonnie is very skilled at what she does, and has a caring heart and passion for improving her client's skin. My pores have diminished in size and my wrinkles have faded away as my skin has tightened. Thank you, Bonnie!
Jana Microcurrent is an affordable and natural facelift. I lost over 2 inches from my neck after just a few treatments. It tightened my skin so much that now I don't need a surgical facelift. My complexion is the best that it has been in years. My family and friends ask me what I had done to makes my complexion glow-and it was not from the desert heat!
Wendy I am so pleased with the results from the microcurrent "facelift". I actually saw improvements after my first treatment, especially on my neck and around my eyes. Even my skin feels firmer. I'm also surprised and pleased about the improvement on a scar on my upper chest: I've actually seen the redness fade and the scar shrink in size.

One great advantage of microcurrent treatments (which are painless), is that you can walk out the door and no one would ever know what you've just had done-no red face or discomfort whatsoever.
I look forward to my treatments every week and your nurturing touch, Bonnie.
Erika After a series of microcurrent treatments, the lines around my eyes are practically gone, my pores are definitely smaller, and my whole face looks younger and smoother. My husband's friend was stunned to find out that I'm 42. He said that looking at me, he just assumed that I was about 30 or 32 at the most! Thank you, Bonnie